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Program Enhancements

To enhance the success of your program, please do not hesitate to engage our services. We can support you with a range of services, similar to the two examples mentioned below. However, if you require something 'truly extraordinary', never forget that we are just a phone call away and get in touch!!

Room Gifts / Welcome gifts
Let us make a selection of creative, special or traditional Bulgarian room gifts for you.

Digital Photography Services
We work with a great company who can provide any type of digital photography. We can also provide you with options to make photographs on-site, and print and frame them on the same day.

Hospitality and Registration Staff
If you require hospitality and registration staff, we are similarly able to provide assistance! We work with a highly professional team of skilled and loyal staff.

Creative support and printing
Our team can support you with artwork and local printing of banners, brochures, agendas, CDs, flags etc. Just ask us for a quotation; it might be cheaper to print locally.

AV/Technical Production Staff, Management and Equipment
Our own technical manager is more than happy to support you with the sourcing of all technical equipment needed.

Translation & Interpreting Services Let us take care of your translation & interpreting requirements.

Custom tours and excursions, guest events, pre & post convention tours
Based upon the type of guests, the available budget and timeframe, we can build custom sightseeing tours and outings and other creative guest events. We can discuss the possibilities for your leisure time in Bulgaria together.

Specify your requirements and we will come up with creative solutions!